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21 Days for $67!

Ready to make a change in your life for the better?

For a limited time, we are offering 21 days of Phyt Bootcamp classes to all new members for $67!

Plus, you’ll get access to our InBody 270 Analysis and 1:1 Nutrition Programs.

See The Transformations

This Can Be You Too!

I am back to feeling comfortable about myself again.

My whole life I have strived to stay in shape. In high school it was easy for me because I played sports year round. After high school, when I went away to college I stayed in the dorms and made a gym routine part of my weekly habits. I was determined to not gain the typical “freshman 15”.

I am back to feeling comfortable about myself again.

The trainers are amazing and I’m thankful that they push me to be a better version of myself every day.

I am so glad to be a part of this fit fam.

– Brandy Salmon

It’s shocking that somehow I never saw the girl on the left when I looked in the mirror…unhealthy, overweight and sad. Until I stepped foot in the door at Bootcamp almost 2 years ago when that picture was taken… I had no idea!

30 days of being able to say I did it again each day!

Lost 24lbs.

Lost 9 inches.

– Melissa Lieckfelt

What To Expect?

  • You will melt away unsightly body fat from your belly, arms, and legs.
  • You will tighten your belly, hips, and thighs.
  • Your body will get lean and toned—NOT bulky.
  • You will get stronger and have extra energy!
  • You will have a more stable, more positive mood throughout the day.
  • You will make friends with some seriously wonderful people who want you to succeed.
  • You will look stunning in your favorite jeans, dress or swimsuit.
  • You will see the number on the scale tick down, not up.
  • You will build healthy, lean muscle that transforms your body into a fat-melting machine.

The workouts are always different to give you great results in a short amount of time to fit it in your day:)

I would recommend everyone try it out!

Christina Janetzke

The most supportive trainers I have seen!

The owners are truly engaged and everyone there cares about your personal health and well-being!

Chad Servello

No workout is ever the same, it’s challenging, never boring, and you see and feel results quickly.

They also help with nutrition so you get the whole package. I’m hooked.

Stefanie Herder

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